My name is Urvashi Pathak, I am 20 years old and currently studying electronics and communication engineering in a foreign university. I'm from India but I've lived in SA since 1996. I would like to share my views and experiences on the paranormal. 

As a student, studying all aspects of life with a scientific approach, the field of paranormal research has been restricted for us. We mainly go into rational and logical conclusion rather than justifying any ‘unknown event’ in an alternate way. I’ve always been a sceptic to the paranormal world and from my childhood I’ve lived each day without fear of the ‘unknown’, but as time passed by, I’ve seen many life changing events which has awakened my mind and broaden my aspect of thinking,

The paranormal world, is a realm that we can never really walk in and out of, but there is always a way of communication. From science and philosophy, I have learnt that our world is basically made up of intelligence that is complexly coded in our surrounding which indirectly assists us on our day to day life. Finding those codes helps us to succeed in life, as quoted by John Kehoe in his book Quantum Warrior “this world is made to facilitate success” from this along with science, I have learnt that there is always two states of existence in everything we have this world, which in the scientific world and in quantum physics, is given as dual nature of matter by Louis De Broglie (French Physicist). In other words everything, every element that exists has both wave-like and particle nature, by studying this, one can understand that there is a conversion from matter to energy and vice versa.


This opens a new dimension of analysing the paranormal. For me it’s a continuing field of research, along with personal experiences and related studies from family members, the study on the paranormal have helped me to analyse many mysterious occurrences that surround us. From this, I can state that every matter can convert into energy and that energy can be detected through our devices that have that inbuilt mechanism which identifies it.

As seen used by a lot of paranormal investigators during their investigation, example the EMF detector, which detects and measures electromagnetic waves, this suggests that even our spirits/supernatural beings are existing in the form of electric and magnetic fields that radiate all around is. Comprehending such ideology opens doors to a new field of combined study of quantum mechanics and paranormal research. Given the ideal facility and foundation we can really find out more about the paranormal and use this as key to living each day. 


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