Our country has a very rich history,ans therefore I suppose it is logical to assume that we have great historical sites.
And with historical sites it is only natural that some kind of paranormal activities will occur.

One such a place is the Old as gold guesthouse situated in Germiston,gauteng.
this beautiful house was built in the 19th century,round about 1880.
From the outside this old beautiful house looks quite normal.But it hold some very interesting history.

This old house was built to be used as the house of a Cornish mine manager.The interesting part of this house is the fact that there are three underground rooms,which once upon a time was used to house chinese mine workers.At the time the house was built,there was an actual shortage of African labour.So chinese workers were imported to the Witwatersrand.

In the house there is a secretly concealed staircase that leads to the chambers,which actually more resembles dungeons.It is believed that these chambers were used to hide unregistered workers.Labour smuggling used to be big bussiness in the late 19th and early 20th century.The smugglers(called blackbirders) traded in people like they were slaves.There are also reputed to be three tunnels(now sealed off) that led from the chambers to the closeby gold mines in the area.

It is said that at night,you can still hear the chinese workers down in those chambers.

Now, I would like to get into that house if possible to investigate it a bit ,and to see what we can come up with.

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Comment by Meghan on January 7, 2014 at 10:27pm

If I had found this when I lived there, when you posted this, I would have gladly let you in. :-)  But sadly I moved 3 years ago.


The house is haunted.  I'm not sure how many spirits, I could never see them.  I could only hear them and feel them.  One of the ladies that stayed there with me said she hated the house because she could see the spirits when she walked down the passages.  I dont know if I believe she could really see them, but I definitely experienced some pretty freaky things when I was there. 


The spirits are peaceful, and they dont do much, just enough to creep you out when you least expect it.  You can definitely hear them walking up and down the passages now and then.  Sometimes out of nowhere I'd hear knocks on the bedroom door and find no one on the other side (the floorboards are hollow because of the dungeon underneath, so you'd hear if someone was running away).  I would always lock my bedroom door because the wind would blow it open, and once it opened before my eyes right after I'd locked it.  There were also a number of occasions where I could hear them walking behind me in the passages, one of them followed me right around the house one night.  They always seemed to stay out of my room though.  The cats would also act strangely sometimes, as if they could see something there that I couldn't.


I never went down to the dungeon alone, so I never really got a proper feel for it, but sometimes I would lock my friends in there, in the dark for a few minutes as a joke, and nothing ever happened to them.  :-)


It's a pretty cool and interesting house.

Definately worth investigating if you ever get the chance.

Comment by Werner on April 1, 2009 at 10:57pm
Would be great if you can arrange a good Psychic to join you in such a venture. When I read about this story some time ago it reminded me of another I read somewhere. A few psychics went into an old manor to investigate and one actually could sense where there was rooms and such that had been sealed of, and could tell of some what happened in there, described people. Was later confirmed by historics as true.

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