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Hi all I have a colleague (a single mom) who has just started working with us, and she has a young son of 4 years old. Here is where I need your input or advise, etc. According to her, her son wak…

Hi all

I have a colleague (a single mom) who has just started working with us, and she has a young son of 4 years old.

Here is where I need your input or advise, etc.

According to her, her son wakes up at night, rocking and telling her that there is someone in the room, according to the mom, no-one is there

Also, she says that she sees a spirit of a little girl (major description given of what she looks like and what she is…


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Feeling a bit out of sorts...

Well glad to have you back on line finally... so I have moved into my own place, yay, eventually but seem not to have quite settled into the house myself. My youngest has "seen"something pass by his bedroom door and my husband, a skeptic of note, has seen something out the corner of his eye in his computer room. I put it down to it being a new house etc. but was soon visited by what I think maybe the same being that "walked" into my previous home and made me feel what they were feeling at…


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Hi, new on this site!  Lots of spirits in my house.  Doesn't really bother me, but I don't like being watched while I'm sleeping! LOL

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The Paranormal


My name is Urvashi Pathak, I am 20 years old and currently studying electronics and communication engineering in a foreign university. I'm from India but I've lived in SA since 1996. I would like to share my views and experiences on the paranormal. 

As a student, studying all aspects of life with a scientific approach, the field of paranormal…


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Greetings from the UK

Hey everyone,


Firstly, I must apologise for being extremely quite to non-exisitent lately...I had moved from SA to the UK and I am now finally settled in :-D


SO...with that being said, I am now back into ghost-hunting mode and will be soon posting some feedback on experiences about places that I am going to explore right here in Hampshire and surrounding areas.  If any of our members know of a location worth looking into, please feel free to send me a…


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Man in Middelburg gepla deur "spoke"

(Gordon) Is dit spoke???

In nag oor rug gekrap - Bejaarde se stryd met gees

“Hy kom in die nag, hy is so sterk soos ’n bees. Hy sê niks nie, gryp my net vas, dan stoei ons vir so minuut of twee voordat hy weer verdwyn.”

18 March 2013

Die bejaarde man (76) wat in Springbokstraat in ’n woonstel bly, veg hard om nie in trane uit te bars nie, terwyl hy van sy nagtelike ervaringe vertel. Hy wil nie sy identiteit openbaar nie.

“Hoekom my? Hoekom kies…


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Camera Shy

Hi Guys,

Happy New year to all.

I am a big fan of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventure's last night i was watching GHI seasons for the second time.

while watching it i started thinking why is Ghost's so Camera shy?

In most of the episodes you hear a lot of noises but very rarely you see actual ghost's.

And when they…


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Just a little input from a noobie. I am concerned about people seeing all orbs appearing in photos as being some sort of entity. I do see that it has been stressed, somewhere, that photos taken in lit and/or daylight are open to normal refractive effects of ambient light, producing orbs. It follows that orbs taken in poorly lit or non-lit are certainly more significant.

Odd  things seen in photos are often a puzzlement, but fingers, straps and clothing are common sources as well as…


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The Enfield Poltergeist Story

In late August of 1977, Mrs. Peggy Harper, a divorcee in her mid forties, had put two of her four children to bed. They were living in a semi detached council house in Enfield, North London that had three bedrooms. Late at night, Janet, aged eleven and her brother Pete, aged ten, complained that their beds were "jolting up and down and going all funny". As soon as Mrs Harper got to the room the movements had stopped - as far as she was concerned her kids were making it all up.

The… Continue

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The Sloss Furnaces

Hi guys


I'm sure you have all heard of the Sloss Furnaces to be one of the most haunted places in the world. So I decided to

post these two links for everyone to have a good look. The link will take you to a page that has S6 -E23 of Ghost Hunters

consisting of 3 episodes. Make sure to watch all 3. I'm sure you will all find this very interesting. heres the link :…


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When visiting Witbank, you should make a pit stop to Celia str 1. This is where an unfortunate occurrence took place, leading to a gruesome murder. This is the location where a murder took place. Usually, it is the other way around in domestic issues, but in this case, a woman killed her husband and their three children within their home. The circumstances are so violent and cruel that it is believed the spirit of the mother lingers about the residence to continue torturing the souls of her… Continue

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Cold spots?Are they real? Are they paranormal?

I just got this from a sister-site.Makes for REAL good reading.Thanx to the UPI founder,for adding us to their ranks.You guys can feel free to join them too at:

I just read an article on another site that was asking about cold spots. In this article the individual stated that a room could be either cold or hot but more likely cold. This blog will discuss reasons we feel cold…


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Savannah's Haunted Bonaventure Cemetery

In 1771, the land was where the family manor house of John Mullryne and son-in-law Josiah Tattnall was on. Twice in thirty years, the plantation house burned down. During one of the fires, a dinner party was moved to the lawn so the conflagration didn’t spoil the occasion.

The plantation served as a hospital for French troops who were trying to capture Savannah from the British. Josiah Tattnall, Jr.’s wife, Harriet, was the first adult to be buried on the grounds next to her four… Continue

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Is there a girl ghost on the R21

Dear SASPR friends


I have some evidence to believe that there is a girl ghost on the R21 between the OR Tambo airport and Pretoria.


I would like to document all experiences, sightings, etc with regards to girl and will then make it public to all the SASPR users.


Please inbox me if you have personal experiences or know of friends/family etc that may have come across the girl that "bump" free rides.





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This was,and stil remains the most intruiging sunbject to date at SASPR.When is a haunting a risidual haunting and when is it an intelligent haunting,and how do we distinguish between the two.

Firstly you get your risidual haunting.It might be a historical event(sometimes on the historical site),or something tragic that happened in the past and now keeps "replaying" itself on a regular basis.A South African example would be the Uniondale ghost(probably the most popular one).It is an…


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Pretoria Paranormal Discussion Group is live

Hi all - sceptics or believers!


The Pretoria Paranormal Discussion Group's web site is live:…


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Angel, ghost or some other paranormal activity?

Hi guys.

This photo was featured in "Beeld" today. This photo was taken the day after the funeral of a 10 year old boy who tragically passed away due to an asthma attack. Any input on this?


You can read the full story @ Beeld website…


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First Pretoria Paranormal Discussion Group Meeting




This is an open invitation to everyone who would like to join us for the very first Pretoria Paranormal Discussion Group (PPDG) Meeting.


Wednesday, 05 Jan 2011 at 18:00…


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Pretoria Paranormal Discussion Group (PPDG) has been started

Dear SASPR members


Jean Bouwer and I met for the first time on 31/12/2010. We had an extremely enriching conversation and shared experiences, incidents and books/text written on the paranormal and related subjects.


We decided to start the Pretoria Paranormal Discussion Group (PPDG) to share experiences and incidents within a group and to see where the conversations lead us. Ideally we would like to meet once a month.


We invite everyone who is…


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