Kempton Park Hospital

A few Orbs i picked up on camera that seemed to follow us all over the hospital.

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Comment by nico on March 28, 2012 at 3:18pm
How sure r u that kempton park hospital is haunted and what is the weirest thing that hapend to u
Comment by Leigh Bridger on March 10, 2012 at 11:06pm
Hey Bronwen,

Thank you for your friendship add its most appreciated like wise your comment thank you! I clearly can define the vision and mission of this site and the SASPR team, i/ we are certainly glad that we may be members on this site that clearly has a clear path and direction into the research within the paranormal and spiritual world!there are things in this world that we may not see! yet it doesn't mean they are not there!and one needs to have or poses the worth within spirituality a life long passion for it to manifest a truly well balanced spiritual been! Can only be an added advantage to and for the purpose of research into the world of the unknown and paranormal!as long as our 2sents is worth! we can and will make a difference and contribution that we may continue to learn each and everyday!Life has an outcome in the end! ; )))
Comment by Bronwen Colegate on March 10, 2012 at 9:54pm
Hey Leigh,

First of all, I think it is fantastic that Grant and yourself are so interested and clearly hell bent on learning everything you can about the paranormal...who can blame you right?!!??? NONE of our members would be here otherwise ;-)

In a nutshell, we sincerely appreciate your contribution to our cause. I personally fully understand how interested you guys are about learning more about the paranormal - this has been my life-long passion and I have never been more committed to anything before....BUT...please understand and appreciate the fact that us here at SASPR are here to provide a service to the public who claim to be experiencing paranormal disturbances/activity...we are not here to promote or encourage our members or random members from the public to conduct their own investigations. Carin has already covered some of the dangers involved, so I will not repeat it. But yes, we will most certainly create interesting discussion topics and everyone is more than welcome to throw in their 2 cents worth :-) any topic ideas are more than welcome - please inbox us!

Comment by Leigh Bridger on March 10, 2012 at 8:15pm
Hi Carin

Thank you for the information that proves very valuable, and this sort of information should be discussed a lot more and posted regular spreading internationally! Creating awareness! as so many people think its that easy and yes think its a joke! (Non believers) people may experience this sort of activity in their homes or within other place's, yet its how we approach or deal with it the situation!its like a snake if you see it don't approach it as many snake bites are because of curiosity and wanting to handle it even Snake handlers with years of experience get bitten! So its good to make and create effective awareness of the risks and dangers!regarding all the questions!! there is clearly a difference in curiosity and real interest!and we Grant and I would be keen to learn,we would appreciate or would like to be afforded the opportunity for growth in paranormal research! can you advise us or point us in the right direction! And believe there is no better time to start than in the now!
Comment by Carin Cilliers on March 9, 2012 at 2:29pm

Hi Grant

I'm concerned as you have been questioning advice from Bronwen, Marius & myself...therefore my (actually short but factual to the point) response, as I can write pages & pages with even more scary reasons. I'm glad I was able to answer your question, and I can assure you any one of our Investigators at SASPR can assist you.


Comment by Grant Peel on March 9, 2012 at 2:18pm

Hi Carin, that is quite a big answer,lol, but a valid one nonetheless.  I appreciate you coming back to me with this information, as now i know the dangers of this.  Should i have any further questions i will definately drop you a message requesting advice and answers to this very intersting yet scary 'topic'.


Thanks again.

Comment by Carin Cilliers on March 9, 2012 at 1:54pm

If you still disagree with me, have a look at the following link...

Dangers of the paranormal: a cautionary tale for ghost hunters

Comment by Carin Cilliers on March 9, 2012 at 1:48pm

No 4 – Fraud

Proper pre-investigation research needs to be done before going to a site for an investigation. Some people get a kick out of falsely claiming paranormal activity happening somewhere and think it is funny to drag a whole investigative team out and try to make it look like there is a haunting. It has also been reported that some investigators have gone to a site only to be attacked and robbed. This --- among other reasons --- is why you never go on an investigation alone & untrained/inexperienced.

No 5 – Equipment

Ghosts aren't typically easy to find, considering they've yet to really be captured by science – therefor the term “Paranormal Research”.  Trained Investigators use professional equipment like large lensed Cameras, Camcorders and Digital Voice Recorders, EMF Detectors, Motion detectors, Digital Thermometers, adequate lighting equipment, First Aid Kits etc

 I’m sure I have covered enough points to give you reason why NOT to go out and do your own investigations, & I’m more than certain my fellow colleagues agrees with me, as they have practical experience in this field.



Comment by Carin Cilliers on March 9, 2012 at 1:26pm
  • @ Grant - There are numerous reasons of why an amateur should NOT try do this without proper training.
  • Please note, this advice IS NOT a tool for you or giving you the go-ahead to conduct investigations on your own. You are insisting on an answer, so I am directly giving you the answers as to why NOT to do your own investigations.
  • No 1 - Physical Dangers
    Some amateur investigators find themselves experiencing physical harm, such as scratches or bruising & injuries from being pushed/strangled/suffocated/grabbed by unseen forces. Amateur ghost hunters are inexperienced with how to interact and communicate with the paranormal and can find themselves prey to mischievous and evil entities. Other physical dangers include those in the environment where an investigator is ghost hunting in. Some locations are in old buildings with holes in the floor where investigators may fall through or rusty nails sticking out from the walls that can scratch someone walking by, roofs caving in etc. For safety reasons, trained investigators would go to a location before investigating at night and make a map of all potential physical hazards on site.
  • No 2 - Attachment 
    It has been experienced that spirits attach themselves to items, people and locations. If an entity likes you or feels comfortable with you, it may attach itself to you and start haunting your residence-whether your'e religious or not. An amateur ghost hunter who has never experienced this before may not realize the potential of bringing your "new best friend" home. This could be the start of a nightmare, and is rarely very easy to be reversed. There are certain precautions that experienced investigators follow to avoid this happening. Also, spirits needs to be given guidelines about your visit & the reason you are there. They should be advised that you are there to talk and interact with them , in their own environment, but they are not to follow you home. They should be re-assured that if they follow this rule, you will come back and visit again sometime.

  • No 3 - Legal Issues 
  • Amateur ghost hunters could possibly face legal issues when conducting investigations at locations, such as cemeteries or private or government properties. Without prior permission from the property owner to conduct paranormal investigations on their property you may find yourself being charged with trespassing & get locked up. Also, homeowners needs to be advised that one cannot guarantee their problems will be solved and proper trained investigators are only there to try to find scientific evidence - therefore the term "Paranormal Research". Homeowners who feel they were duped by an amateur investigator may file a suit in court against you. Also, you need to get permission from homeowners before sharing any of their private details about investigations or you could be charged for breach of privacy claims.
  • No 4 - Fraud
    Proper pre-investigation research needs to be conduc
Comment by Grant Peel on March 9, 2012 at 12:03pm

@Carin - when you refer to disastrous after-effects, what type of after-effects would these be exactly?

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