GHOSTS have chased a Birchleigh North family from their rented home.

They moved out of the house last week because of several supernatural experiences.
The family of six had been sleeping in one room for the past two weeks, fearing any interaction with these ghosts.

The family said they moved into the haunted house in Craig Street on February 1. During the first two weeks there was no strange activity.

After that a 12-year-old girl was watching TV in the main bedroom when the water started flowing from the shower, they told EXPRESS. After her loud screams her father went into the shower and turned the water down.

This happened four more times, they said.

The family also claimed hearing footsteps in the wooden floor passage while they were all in the dining room. Doors also slammed open and close, even after they had been locked.

They then decided to share one room in fear of this paranormal activity.

According to the internet similar experiences had been recorded around the globe. said it was a poltergeist, German for "noisy ghost", which is a kind of psychic phenomena, usually centered around a living "agent".

The family had moved into another house yesterday.

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