SASPR is looking for new trainee investigators to be trained and used in investigations.You must have your own transport,be available one weekend per month,and stay in the gauteng/north west area or eastrand area.You have to be motivated and a self starter. Please send a short cv to or and we will contact you for an interview. Don't miss out to become a paranormal investigator and work with a great team!

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Good day Melanie


I've only recently joined SASPR and would like to know how to go about to become a trainee investigator down in Cape Town as I think their are some great sites here to investigate?


Quintus Terblanche


Hi Quintus. We don't have a branch in cpt right now. But we will keep you informed wehn we are in town then you can maybe join us on an investigation. Regards

Thank you very much, will gladly join the team when down in CT. Hopefully sooner than later.


Hi, new Cape Town Team for those in need, hit us up on Facebook:

Hi Melanie I would like to become a trainee investigator as well.can I still send you mycv

Hi there


Would also love to become a trainee investigator in the Cape Town area :)  Please hurry with forming a branch there.

Hi, new Cape Town Team for those in need, hit us up on Facebook:

i would love to join as an investigator but sadly there were some irrecconcilable issues with my beliefs. i mentioned them during my interview and they were no problem but according to the contract many of my beliefs and natural gifts which i honestly believe would be a boon to the team were not acceptable.

Hi all, like Quintus & Peter, Cape Town needs an investigative team.  Please let me know when you are in CPT and hopefully I can join one the investigations.

Cape Town has a lot to offer, West Coast road is apparently quite active.  I would like to do some research of the area but I am not sure where to start.  Any advice would be appreciated.

Looking forward to having you guys in CPT.

We will keep everyone in the loop promise! Have a great day! Any further Questions feel free to email us! or

Kind regards


Thank you. I can think of a number of potential hotspots in the


I'm based in Cape Town i am game any time you need some help down here it would be awesome.

Kind Regards  


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