Never thought I would be writing to you guys. Not sure if I should be concerned. But we recently moved into a house and from day one we have been hearing and seeing and recently smelling things. Just a note we have only been staying in the house for 3 weeks. What we mostly hear is a little girl. And me personally have seen a little figure that I first thought was one of my boys in there room. But when I went to have a look after I shouted that they must go and play out side and no one answered me I found that there was no one in the room. They where playing outside already. And at night we can hear footsteps even though everybody as asleep in there rooms. That is just some of the experiences I know of. Different people also told me that they saw a little girl in our house. So now my question to you guys is should we be worried especially considering that I have two small boys in the house. I stay in West Village on the West Rand near Krugersdorp. Was long time ago a mining village and the houses here are very old. Any advice would be welcome. 

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It seems as if your is haunted.My best advice is to consult a medium so as to get the ghost to leave the house.This situation could become intolerable as the entity will become more energised and persistent.Something traumatic must have happened in the house with regard to the girl.


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