Kempton Park Hospital (1976-1996) 20 years Operational (1996-Present) Abandoned

Hi All

I Am sure that all that seek the Paranormal have at some time or another heard or have been to the old abandoned hospital in search of some paranormal experience or just for a look into the past of the once great medical facility that has undergone to our knowledge 3 name changes in its past. 

1. Transvaal Provisional hospital

2. Kempton Park Hospital 

3. Kyalami Hospital

We as a team have done a lot of back round research into the life of the grand medical facility and was said to be one of the greatest hospitals in the country in it time.

It is said in News reports and paper clippings that the Government closed the hospitals doors on the 26th of December 1996 due to the low patient income yet that does not seem to be the case as it was also reported that other hospitals in the area were under pressure due to the high income of the sick and wounded and that there is no true explanation for the closing of the 350-400 bed hospital with the equipment and size to treat and save many lives that other smaller hospitals could accommodate.

There are many stories that have come out since the doors were shut, one of which is only believable as it was documented as an article that was published some years later.

A Man with fake credentials named (DR Andre' Johannes Esterhuizen) 

with only a STD 8  Better Known now as a (Grade 10) was employed as a Pediatrican 

It is said that he had treated over 4500 Patients of which 13 of them died in 1 year.

Time spent as a Doctor at KPH 1982-1990 = 9 years = over 4500 patients.

employing doctors who were not qualified to practice. A case in point for example was Dr. Andre Johannes Esterhuizen, who did not possess the right skills and qualifications yet was able to attend to thousands of patients.  It took one brave woman to question his abilities and the resulting investigation afterwards concluded that Dr. Esterhuizen was not a qualified doctor.

I will not bore you with all the stories out there but one thing i will tell you for sure is that the truth about y the hospital closed is not being told and soon in September 2018 the building will be demolished and all the story and truths will go with it. 

it has been confirmed that the contractors and the government have been on site together and done some measurements in order to build or break.

Just a short history hope you found it interesting?

A lot more has been discovered and if you have any questions we would love to hear them. 

please email us with your stories, pictures or comments. 

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