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Welcome to S.A.S.P.R. We are a non profit society or organization who researches and investigate paranormal happenings and hauntings in South Africa.We are currently looking for people who are interested in investigating and researching hauntings and paranormal activity in historical,and other sites in South Africa.There are vacancies for 3 investigators,2 case researchers and 2 cameracrew. This is a non-profit organization,so no salaries will be paid.We do this because of a passion for this field of research.We also need 4 people of different psychic gifts. The job descriptions will follow after this: -Case Investigators- ----------------------------- The case investigators will do the physical investigations of these sites and sift through the evidence if any are found. -Case Researchers- ---------------------------- The case researchers will do investigations on the historical aspect of the sites and look for any information needed.this position is for someone who loves working with people and dealing with clients.it also requires a lot of reading up and informationb gathering. -Camera crew- ---------------------- Needless to say that these people will be a very important part of the team,as they will work very closely with the investigators,following them around and do realtime taping. -Psychics- --------------- These people will do what their gifts are,and will be used on all the sites to gather any other information as needed. IMPORTANT INFO ---------------------------- All Investigators will need their own equipment .....like video recorders,audio recorders(ipods or other digital recorders) and any other equipment you feel like using in your investigations.cameramen should also have their own video recorders. These Investigations will happen over weekends.....Fridays to Sundays,as most of us have other jobs too. If you are interested in any of these positions,please email the admin to stormm1012001@gmail.com. and please include the following facts: - profile name on site -age -name -position interested in. View Discussions

Astral Projection

Started by Bronwen Colegate Sep 3, 2012.

Ask an Investigator

Here you can submit questions to the Investigators,and we will try to answer all your questions. View Discussions

trainee investigators 16 Replies

Started by Melanie. Last reply by Marc Pod Nov 12, 2015.

New member 1 Reply

Started by Jacob Eggink. Last reply by Marius May 8, 2015.

Case Files

This forum will include our case studies and the results of the investigations as we do them. View Discussions

INVESTIGATION 8, Croydon, Kemptonpark 3 Replies

Started by Marius. Last reply by Johann du Toit Mar 24, 2011.


Started by Marius. Last reply by Kunal Dass Jun 1, 2010.


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